Emergency Dentist – Handling Emergencies

emergency-dentist-image-2The teeth are a vital part of the body as they play an important role in eating and speaking, and they also contribute to the facial appearance. The loss of a single tooth can affect the entire mouth since the gap can cause the other teeth to shift resulting in a misaligned bite. It is therefore important to take the right steps to save a tooth whenever a person faces a dental emergency. Emergency Dentist services are available for emergency cases to ensure that the tooth is saved after an injury occurs.

There are various cases which can constitute a dental emergency:

  • A tooth that has been knocked out
  • A tooth that has loosened or is out of position
  • A broken, cracked or chipped tooth
  • Injury to the tissues in the mouth
  • Severe toothache
  • Objects stuck between the teeth
  • Bleeding that won’t stop

You should contact your dentist immediately once you are faced with a dental emergency to book an appointment. Delay in attending to the emergency can result in tooth loss. If the emergency happens during office hours, you may be required to go to the dental clinic immediately. During out-of-office hours, you can call the dentist who will advise you on what to do about the emergency. Dentist unavailability during out-of-office hours may force you to go to the emergency room if the pain is unbearable or if bleeding does not stop.

There are things that can be done at home to address a dental emergency while waiting for the dental appointment.

Loose Tooth: The tooth should gently be pushed back in place with a finger, and it should not be forced in position if there is an obstruction.


Broken, Cracked Or Chipped Tooth: A broken or cracked tooth suggests that there is damage inside the tooth as well. The mouth should be cleaned using warm water and in case there is swelling, a cold compress should be held on the swollen area to reduce it. You may need to take a painkiller that is recommended by the dentist. A chipped tooth which is not painful can wait for the dental clinic to be opened.

Knocked Out Tooth: A permanent tooth that has been knocked out requires immediate dental attention. The tooth should be immediately placed back in place and held there all the way to the dental clinic. If this is not possible, the tooth should be picked by the crown and put in a cup of milk as you make your way to the dentist. The tooth should not be handled from the root since this can interfere with the tissues which will help to fix the tooth back in place.

Tissue Injury: The wound should be cleaned with warm water and a clean cloth used to press down on the wound to stop the bleeding. If there is a swelling, an ice pack can held against it to bring it down. A visit to the emergency room will be required if the swelling does not stop.

Immediate dental attention is required to save a tooth, when bleeding will not stop and when you have severe pain as this is an urgent emergency. Dentist attention is provided immediately at Be Well Dental to take care of any emergencies.

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